Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving Day 2009

Thanksgiving always starts out early for Grammy Mary Ellen! The kitchen is usually smelling pretty good by the time we wake up! Then Aunt Angel arrives and seems to know just how to jump in and help with the cooking!
Aunt Angel with Gracey & Ella.
The siblings! Ryan's the middle child. Angel is the oldest and Robert is the youngest.A rare picture of Ryan and I.
Uncle Bob and Aunt Karen joined us for Thanksgiving dinner.
Aunt Ang and Uncle Beez
Aunt Lindsey and Aunt Angel with cousins Gracey and Ella.
Probably my favorite thing about our week in Illinois was watching these two play together. They love each other and have the best time together. And Gracey doesn't put up with Christian's moodiness for one second (I love that :) I heard her tell him at one point that Santa wasn't going to bring him many presents if he kept being so fussy!
Cousins Emma and Ella
Gracey, Christian and Zavier
Aunt Ang brought her laptop to show Grampy how high speed internet works.
Love this picture of Uncle Ryan and Gracey!
Just the girls! (Taken by Christian)

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! It was actually rather relaxing (other than chasing McKenna around to make sure she wasn't getting into trouble). Grammy and Grampy work so hard to make our visits so fun and easy! Grammy is completely organized and has everything planned out. She had actually found one of Christian's gloves that he left there last year and remembered to give it to me, even with everything else going on! So anyway, it was a great day. We missed seeing Bill and Becky and their families, but we still had a wonderful day.

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