Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas in Illinois

We usually celebrate Christmas with Ryan's side of the family when we're in Illinois! We kicked things off with our cousins Gracey (who is Christian's age) and Zavier (who is McKenna's age).
Isn't this picture hilarious? Technically there are 6 people in it!
Zavier was doing pretty good considering he had had surgery on his eye that morning. Can you even tell? I thought he looked great and we're praying that this surgery (his second one) will resolve his issues with his tear duct!
I had to include this picture and the next one! The daddy's always end up being the ones who actually have to "open" the gift out of their packaging! This is a picture of Ryan's brother Robert, also known as Uncle Beez!
Ryan hard a work!
Christian got these really cool cars that you assemble and then can race. He loves them!
McKenna got a tea set! She's never had one, so it was the perfect gift!

And then there were presents from Grammy and Grampy!
It's a piano horn! Look out! He loved it!
Like - seriously loved it! It deserves it's own blog post, so that's all I'm saying for now!
McKenna's turn!

She got this adorable duffel bag that looks like a stuff horse. She loved it and keeps trying to ride on it.
Oh the excitement! What could it be?
Nothing better than a train for my train obsessed child!
I think Grampy was enjoying this train just as much as Christian was!

The first thing Christian asked for when he woke up at home on Sunday was his train. I had to re-set up his train in his bedroom immediately and he now spends hours up there playing with it. It's been a huge hit!
Merry Christmas Illinois family! We had a great time celebrating with you!

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Katy said...

it's so fun that you get to spread christmas out like that! and way to go christian on the horn...thing. he looks like he DID seriously love it!!! maybe music is in his future! ;)