Thursday, December 3, 2009

Family! Lots and Lots of Family!

(Grampy Chat with his sister Aunt Robin)
In case you haven't noticed...Ryan has lots of family. Lots and lots of family. And whenever someone in the family has a get together, everyone shows up! It's fabulous!
This year we actually weren't the ones who traveled the farthest to be there! Ryan's cousin Ty was there all the way from Florida and he brought the star of the show....Hannah! Hannah is the newest member of our family and McKenna was just slightly obsessed with her!
We got to see Uncle Bob and Aunt Karen two days in a row! What a treat! But we missed riding on Uncle Bob's pony, Beauty, this year!
Aunt Angel and Aunt Sue

Uncle Bob, Grampy and Uncle Frank

Notice where the guys are hanging out!
Ryan with his cousins Ty and Zac.
Aunt Ang talking to Grandma Doran
Uncle Beez and Aunt Lindsey
Amy & Chris
Chrish and Brooklyn!!
Uncle Rod was hosting the party!

Grandma Suzanne (Aunt Sue to us) with her daughter Amy (in the green) and daughter-in-law Jenn and baby Hannah!

Whew...and believe it or not I did not even remotely get a picture of everyone. I always feel like I'm being really annoying making everyone pose for pictures. I really wanted to make each family line up on the couch for pictures, but Ryan absolutely told me I was not allowed to do that. So I hopped around all night taking candid shots of everyone instead. I know...annoying, but we don't get to see everyone all that often and I want to be able to point to a picture of a person when I'm talking about them to Christian. I want him to know his family and recognize their faces even though we don't see each other all the time. So that's why I ended up with almost 300 pictures. More to come....

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Katy said...

i'm the same way with pictures - especially of family that we don't see all the time. i think you did great! :)