Friday, December 4, 2009

Goodbyes & the trip home

There was time for one last 4 wheeler ride with daddy.
And one last expedition to explore the farm.

(Three generations!)
And then we had to go.
McKenna didn't mind saying goodbye, but Christian cried as we drove away from the farm. He's old enough to understand just how far away it is and he was sure sad about it.
But we have this little tradition that seems to make saying "goodbye" a little easier.
About an hour into our trip there is a Cracker Barrel and we meet the family there for lunch before we officially hit the road. Grammy always buys some fun little surprise for the kids in the Cracker Barrel store (don't they have the best stuff??) and that always makes the first hour in the car a little more pleasant too!
McKenna giving her Grammy hugs!
Grammy and Grampy with two of their sons and four of their grandkids!
And then Aunt Ang jumped in the picture!
The four year olds.
The siblings! They really look alike don't they?!
Grampy with grandson #1
Grampy with grandson #2.
And then we drove. We drove for 12 and a half hours. Whew! Christian is great in the car....McKenna - not so much!
Thankfully they looked like this for the last five hours of the trip. We got home at 3:30am. Ryan carried in everything from the car and wasn't even tired because he drank so much coffee. I went to sleep right away. Thankfully everyone slept until 9:30 the next morning, so I got a reasonable nights sleep. And just for the record; I've caught up on all our laundry :)
We miss you Illinois family. You're definitely talked about a lot around here. McKenna kept talking about "acey" ((Gracey)) today! We are so thankful for each of you and the time we got to spend together! That's for putting your lives on hold to spend time with us while we were there! We love you!

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Katy said...

i love sleeping kids in the car! :) glad the trip went well - i love the cracker barrell tradition - what a fun idea!