Sunday, November 29, 2009

The BIKE and The BOYS

The Bike:

Notice anything interesting about this bike and it's rider?

Well, what we all didn't know is that Uncle Tim is an expert at teaching children to ride bikes without training wheels. expert! None of his kids have training wheels on their bikes. So he taught Abby to ride her bike WITHOUT training wheels in about 30 minutes.
That's Amy hanging onto the back to give Abby a little balance. That didn't last very long.

Here's how Uncle Tim did it:
  1. Raise the training wheels up high, so the bike is a little wobbly. This will force the child to begin to depend on their own skills to balance.
  2. Watch the child ride with the wheels raised and notice which side they favor (you'll notice that they lean more to one side and need one training wheel more than they need the other one).
  3. Take off one training wheel. Leave the training wheel on the side that they favor. Let them ride like that for awhile.
  4. Take off the last training wheel!
  5. Cheer!!

The Boys:
All the same age! Three totally different personalities! The best of friends!
I took this picture from inside the house. I just love seeing them play together. I've already decided that we need to have "boys camp" at our house this summer so they can all have more time together!

I love it that they just go in a room by themselves, get out a game and play together all on their own. I snapped this picture from the doorway and then left them to have fun together! Now if only we all lived a little closer!


Anonymous said...

Can Uncle Tim come to our house to help? Anessa is still riding w/ training wheels or she won't even ride her brand new bike (that is a few years old).....she is SCARED TO DEATH!!!! Thanks for the tips.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I forgot to tell you that it was Raeann writing the above message, but I guess you could of figured that out- huh?!
Hope you had a great trip.

Anonymous said...

Abby was awesome and I understand she is still doing well with her own bike.
Great pictures of our boys together. I hope they will always be good friends.

Katy said...

wow - good ideas with the training wheels! your little brother is pretty smart! :)