Friday, November 6, 2009

1 Year Ago

Anyone remember what we were doing (or should I say ... Ryan was doing) one year ago today??

Ryan became a bone marrow donor!

He gave someone the chance to LIVE!
At the 6 month mark we knew that the woman who received Ryan's marrow was still alive, but that's about all we know at this point. Oh how I pray she is a survivor!

To read the entire story you can click on the link on the sidebar that says Bone Marrow Donation and that will give you all the links to the posts I wrote about it.
But for me November 6th was a day that changed my life. It gave Ryan and I this moment in time to step back and look at life with an eternal perspective. When Ryan was chosen to do this we believed with all our hearts that God had created Ryan with this purpose in mind. God knew that Ryan would be the perfect tissue/blood match for this stranger and God knew that Ryan would say "yes" without hesitation. The road since that day has been rough. As most of you know the doctor nicked Ryan's sciatic nerve during the procedure and he's been dealing with painful complications ever since. But Ryan has said over and over that he would choose to do it again whatever the outcome! Wow!
Am I blessed or what to be married to such an incredible guy! Pardon my gushing....but Ryan has had countless physical therapy appointments and met with countless doctors and made far too many trips to George Washington University Hospital and he's been in pain for about 365 days and let's not even talk about all the drugs he's consumed and yet...he would do it again! I love him and we both feel honored that God chose him.

Would you join me in praying for the cancer patient who received Ryan's marrow! Pray that she is alive! Pray that this procedure brought her complete healing in Jesus name!

And you'd better believe I will let you know if we get an update on her or if she chooses to contact us (she can now that it's been a year)! I don't think Ryan gets super excited about hearing from her because of course guys just aren't that emotional about all this stuff, but I would just love to hear from this woman who I've prayed for for so long!

P.S. I might have to update this later. Ryan got a phone call from someone at the Bone Marrow Donation Center and now he just has to call them back.


Heather said...

I can't believe it's been a year!

Anonymous said...

It really bothers me that Ryan is still in pain from that procedure. Somebody should be able to fix what is wrong! Along with praying for "the lady", we should all pray for a complete recovery for Ryan. He is such a great guy.