Saturday, September 15, 2012

You win some, you lose some

 McKenna's team won today.
 Trust me when I tell you that she had absolutely nothing to do with their win.
 She did run (behind everyone else). She got sweaty and was a good listener.
 But she spent a lot of her time on the field hugging and holding hands with her friends.
 This was supposed to be her big kick....ummmm... at least she thought it was fun!
Next week we're bringing our game face!
 Christian on the other hand wore himself out trying to help his team win, but in the end they lost by a decent amount.
 Christian scored their only goal.
 He was a pretty good goalie (he just caught that one) but he prefers offense.
 It's going to be an interesting season for him. He's the only aggressive kid on his team and it seems like he's the only one who can predict where the ball is headed and get there before it. It's going to be frustrating for him to lose, but Ryan pointed out that it will be a good opportunity for him to learn to lead.

It took an army to keep track of this spectator. But he sure was cute, even if he is no longer content to hang out in his stroller.


Anonymous said...

I love Saturday morning soccer in the fall, win or lose!

Katy said...

Part of the beauty of sports is learning to win, lose, respond to other coaches, work as a team, etc. Lots of good teaching opportunities :)