Monday, September 3, 2012

A great read

If you, like me, put one of your treasures on a school bus last week (or this week for some of you), you should read THIS. You should read the whole thing to really get it, but here's my favorite quote:
"My maternal feelings mislead me. There is no betrayal of a child's trust in sending him out into uncertainty: there is only opportunity to further teach him the one worthy Object of his trust---and to learn the lesson again for myself. To paraphrase a favorite author, I cannot raise my children to be safe, but I can raise them to be strong."

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Katy said...

Really good Judy!!! I think we as moms try so hard to protect our lids from every pain and hurt and fact our job is.more about equipping and teaching them to know Who to turn to when those things happen - not isolate them to avoid any good.