Thursday, September 6, 2012

Weekend with Grammy & Grampy

 Ryan's parents came to visit this past weekend.
We were all so thrilled to see them.
 The weather was not great. It's been extremely humid, rainy & hot. So we spent a lot of time inside playing "baseball."
 Grampy & Grammy were good sports about playing this game for hours.
 Will loves his Grampy.
 And McKenna loved having Grammy around.

 We did get to celebrate Grampy's birthday.
 We made our traditional trip to Cracker barrel. 
Christian has always wanted one of those weasels that's attached to a ball and rolls around. 
Well, thanks to Grammy & Grampy he finally owns one. 
He pretends it's his pet and McKenna even has to babysit it when he goes to school.
 McKenna got a light up butterfly wand that is also a night light.
It makes her think of her grandparents every night when she goes to bed.
 Christian can play checkers for real now, but McKenna doesn't really have a clue what she's doing, although she won this game thanks to a little help from me :)
 Christian thinks we need this on our front porch.
 Ryan enjoyed catching up with his parents.
 We are all looking forward to our trip out to the farm for Thanksgiving.
Three generations.

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Love the three generations picture.