Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Christian got off the bus today smiling.
It was raining so I drove to the bus stop and he wanted to race the car home instead of hop inside and stay dry.
There was a bounce in his step that I know he didn't recognize, but I did.
It was the thrill of victory.

He had a good day and that is a victory for him. Not a victory that I handed to him or one that I cheered him on for....one that he earned on his own with no one watching.
He faced his fears and dealt with challenges and when he got off the bus for the first time he had nothing negative to say.

I heard all about kick ball and the school farm and a book they read and the computer lab and I felt so thankful.

God is faithful to hear our prayers even in the small things.

I don't know what's on your heart...what you're dealing with, with your own kids....or what curve ball life has thrown at you lately, but I DO KNOW that when you pour your heart out to God ... He hears.

Since Will's accident I have a renewed passion for seeking God in prayer. In fact I even have a brand new snazzy little notebook that I'm keeping track of prayer requests in. If you're going through something tough, please let me pray for you. I mean it.  Send me an email: judah322@hotmail.com


Katy said...

So thankful!!!! Hoping that Christian sees.Gods faithfulness to him in this as well and that he is.never alone! :)

Courtney said...

YAY!!! victory!!! thanks for sharing!