Wednesday, September 19, 2012

You don't like recess??

Christian's favorite "subject" has always been recess. Most of the time I get a full report about lunch and recess and never hear a word about what actually happened in his classroom.

Well today I asked McKenna if she went out for recess at preschool. Here's her response:

"No. Thank goodness. I don't like recess at all. It makes me get sweating and it messes up my shoes."

So there you have it people... she doesn't like to get "sweating."

She also has some interesting thoughts about soccer. She told me that the reason she doesn't ever touch the ball during games is because she doesn't think it's nice to take it away from other people. She really just wishes everyone could take turns and everyone could make a goal and cheer for each other. I'm kinda thinking competitive sports might not be her thing.


Anonymous said...

Love that girl!!

Anonymous said...

She is SO cute! Sounds like another girl I know (Anessa)!! :)

Anonymous said...

Not interested in being competitive? That sounds like a pretty good thing to me! Maybe the arts are more up her alley.
-Aggiema (Michelle)

Anonymous said...

Lol! That's too cute! Anna

Anonymous said...

Love that girl!!! I don't like to get "sweating" either!! and you have to love that she doesn't want to mess up her shoes. You go girl!!


AmyBeth said...

Oh my word - made my day!!! Love that girl and her opinions on life - she cracks me up!