Friday, September 7, 2012

He Can't Catch a Break

So Will's "well" visit revealed yesterday that he has scarlet fever/strep throat. 
I didn't see that one coming, but it explains the random sandpaper-ish rash he's had.
Poor baby. I feel like the worst mom ever...but he didn't have a fever and seemed pretty pleasant.
He is just the sweetest little boy ever ...unless you're trying to give him an antibiotic :)

P.S. You can barely see it in this picture..but we don't even have a bandaid on his finger anymore! WooHoo!!

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Katy said...

You will feel better after you see what calebs face looked like while I was in the hospital.....and yet I hadn't taken him in yet!!! Poor will. He's such a trooper! I haven't hears of scarlet fever happening in ages!!!