Saturday, September 1, 2012

I admit it....

I do my best to kiss up to all teachers, bus drivers, assistants and administrators.
I was a teacher for five years and I know that a little appreciation goes a long way.
I know that parents who were nice to me and appreciated me gave me the desire to keep a special eye on their kids.
I want my kid to stand out from the other 40 kids on the bus, so the bus driver will keep a close eye on him. So we start the year out with presents.

This McDonalds coffee cup had a gift card hidden inside and it said "Thanks a Latte for taking care of Christian on the bus this year."  We love his bus driver...she is so sweet and really does take good care of my boy... and I love letting her know we're thankful for her.

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Katy said...

That's a great idea - am totally going to steal that!