Saturday, September 1, 2012

But day 3 was good!!!!

 He doesn't love school. He never has. He's been dreading the first day since he finished the school year last June. We've been working on that "attitude" but this week certainly didn't help.
 I could tell he started to feel better when he got to the bus stop. 
He's one of the older kids this year and that's so helpful.
Next year we're going to be adding some girls to this all boy crew.
 Off they go.
I prayed all day.
I just wanted it to be a great day.
 When he got off the bus my heart sank.
He looked awful and immediately told me he thought he was going to throw up.
He had a migraine headache all day. Trust me...I had talked to his teacher ahead of time about the fact that he gets migraines and ....well, I'm going to be gracious and not say another word about that.
He immediately took some medicine, got an ice pack and went straight to bed. He stayed there for over an hour. 

We had such a special "first day of school" celebration night planned. A giant cookie cake as an after school snack...he didn't eat a bite. And we ordered his favorite Papa John's pizza for dinner. He didn't eat it. Ugh. I could have cried...he did.

The morning of day 2 I assured him that it was going to be a great day.
We prayed about it and off he went to school.
It wasn't a great day. There was a situation that was not great and I've realized that Christian is going to have to toughen up and I'm going to have to be a very "present" part of his school career. 

I really do think he's going to have a good year. He's just going to have to be assertive when he needs something and he's going to have to listen up and walk a fine line.


Holly said...

My heart just goes out to you and to Christian. I can really relate! Kate had such a great year last year and this year she has a brand new teacher who seems to be totally focused on discipline and less focused on making the kids comfortable the first few weeks of school. I volunteered to be a weekly parent volunteer, just so I can observe, help, be involved, and mostly, help Kate navigate/understand what's happening at school. For the most part, Kate was happy with her first week and didn't really seem upset about it. But the mama bear in me was a little cranky when I heard some of the things that she told me! It's so hard when we cannot protect our kids and when we have to send them out into the big, bad world. I've been praying like crazy for Kate every day. I will add Christian to that prayer, too. He'll get lots of prayers from me, because I seriously pray for my girl several times an hour while she's at school : ) Hope week two is better for your little man!

Katy said...

Stay involved and keep praying him thru......God has big things in store for you both I know!!