Friday, September 7, 2012


I have a chronic disobey-er in my house. Do you have one?? I'm convinced that every family has one, but maybe that's just me trying to make myself feel better!

Anywho... I read this one line several days ago. It has stuck with me and I've been rolling it around in my brain for awhile now.

"When your children disobey remember that you disobey the Lord all the time, and he's the PERFECT parent."

Whew...I'm far from perfect no wonder my kids disobey me all the time :)

The Bible says that the Lord's kindness leads to repentance.
I think I need to show my kids more kindness when they disobey.
That doesn't mean letting them off the just means showing them grace.

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Courtney said...

i needed this. thanks!