Monday, September 17, 2012


 Yesterday, McKenna, Christian and I traveled to North East Maryland for a family reunion. I knew it would be a long day with a lot of driving, so we left Will at home with daddy.  It was such a treat to see my precious Aunt Grace.
 My sister Amy with our Aunt Betty.
 My mom with two of her sisters.
 Aunt Marion talking to Aunt Grace.

 The weather was perfect and the playground nearby kept the kids entertained.
 McKenna did a good job of being friendly. I know she looks friendly but she pretty  much refuses to speak whenever someone talks to her that she doesn't know. So I prepped her and told her that I expected her to respond every time someone spoke to her and she did great!
 Christian totally surprised me and was quite comfortable with being hugged and kissed on by people he didn't know. In fact, we had a funny little conversation in the car. He wanted to know if when he grows up he could get a job helping old people do sports so they can get their bodies moving again. How cute is that? He was pretty disappointed when I told him that "old people" don't usually play soccer, they like to do things like dancing to stay in shape. Bummer...he's not interested in dancing, but I really think that elderly people have a special place in his heart.
 Uncle Rob was there with his fishing gear and he came through once again.
Christian now thinks that you always catch fish every time you go fishing. I explained to him that apparently Uncle Rob has magic lures because most people are not this successful.
That's a yellow perch.
 And a White Perch. See, Uncle Rob is so amazing he even knows the names of all these fish he helps Christian catch.
 A beautiful day on the North East River.
 Her favorite part of the day was seeing Mimi and climbing on the rocks.
 Christian loved being in real Ravens territory. Every time we stopped to go to the bathroom (which was a lot) we saw tons of purple
 After the family reunion I took the kids to our family cemetery. It's always good to have these teachable moments at times when there isn't a lot of emotion involved. I would much rather have them walk through a cemetery for the first time when we don't really need to be there. We walked around and looked at the names of their great grandparents and great great grandparents. We talked about proper you don't climb on or walk on grave stones.
We talked about how when we die we get new bodies in Heaven so our broken bodies go in the ground. We saw a fresh grave and talked about what a funeral is like. It was a valuable experience for both of them.

Then we headed home and stopped so McKenna could go to the bathroom about 20 times. It was lovely. Thankfully we carry a potty right in the trunk with us because we know all too well how traveling with McKenna can be!


Anonymous said...

I didn't know you were going to the cemetery. Probably a very good idea, considering the ages of some family members. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for taking the children. They were a bright spot in everyone's day!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures and comments are so sweet. So sorry I was unable to attend. Hopefully, I will be there next year. Thank you again for your blog. I love reading it. Your cousin, debbie g. :)

Anonymous said...

So I'm trying not to be miffed that you were practically in my backyard and not even a hello! Anna ;-)