Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Wednesday Recap

Wednesday started off bright & early.

Nate & McKenna played games (much to Christian's great dismay).

My kids, Cousins, and friends....this was the gang I hung out with most of the day.....

plus this cutie.

Lunch. The new Pepperidge Farm Fish bread was a huge crust :)

Hurt finger.

Three wild guys. And "wild" is a mild adjective to describe their behavior in the pool :)


A little piece of the wildness.

Some surfing by Abby! She's amazing! I'll share a video later :)

Then off to our fav. place for dinner.

Topped it off with a little ice cream.

Choc Chip cookie dough & Cookies and Creme

I adore the toothless grin. When I saw it for the first time he said "Now Chrish and I match."

Ended the day with a few fireworks.

A day of great summer memories!

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Jake and Nikki said...

LOVE that last picture of Nate & Christian!!! Looks like you're all having lots of fun!