Monday, August 22, 2011

My Date

I'm not sure exactly when it happened, but my little girl has grown up.
And it was time to sign her up for ballet.
I told her we were just going to go meet her teacher and get her foot sized for ballet shoes....
but she went up to her room and got herself all dressed up.
She was so excited.
Do you see that face in the carseat??
That's her..."I'm so excited, but I'm trying to act cool about this" smile.
I was worried that she was going to be disappointed that she didn't get to dance,
even though I told her there would be no dancing.
And she was disappointed.
What's a mommy to do??

Well this mommy decided to take her little ballerina on a date.
McKenna officially decided that she loves Friendlys.
We colored together.
She ordered strawberry milk even though she doesn't really like it.
She just likes the color.
We shared a sundae
and she talked a lot.
And I got to just look in her face and listen to all her silliness.
It was the best!


Katy said...

She is looking mighty grown up these days!!! What a wonderfully fitly adventure for you both! :)

The Kirkland's said...

She is so adorable in her little tutu. I've thought about putting Kaylee in dance but didnt know if she would be ready yet!! Can't wait to hear how McKenna does :)

Holly said...

I love it. That girl is so stylish! I can't wait to see her dancing around on recital day...too cute : )