Monday, August 29, 2011

The Rest of the 1st Day.....

I could hardly wait to see Christian get off the bus! We got to the bus stop 20 minutes early, which was good for McKenna so she could practice peddling her tricycle.
As soon as I saw his face I knew it was a great day!
I wanted to pick him up and hug and kiss on him and cry...but I didn't.
As soon as I asked him how it was, he said "Awesome!"
He was full of stories for the next 45 minutes and then he was done talking about it.

He missed his sister big time. The first thing he told her was that he had a surprise for her. It was a picture he colored of the raccoon in the Kissing Hand! So sweet.

The rest of the night was busy. He was tired, but was not about to admit it. We had his celebration dinner, then he played some baseball with daddy and then we had ice cream cake (he asked for it and then didn't even eat a piece because he was too tired).

Christian's thoughts on the first day:
We went to the bathroom a lot.
We talked about manners A LOT!
I got to make a heart out of licorice.
Recess in kindergarten is way longer than it was at preschool.
I saw a girl crying. I think she missed her mom.
I couldn't remember whether I was supposed to stay downstairs or go upstairs to my class, so I just asked a teacher! (so proud of him that he handled that without getting upset).
We read "The Kissing Hand" and I told my teacher I heard that story already.
Lunch is noisy.
My teacher kept saying "take this home. show this to your mom."
It was awesome.
It was cool.

Later as I was tucking Christian into bed he said, "Mom, I think you needed the Kissing Hand more than I did."


Katy said...

Love it!!!! Sooooo glad he had a great day!!!! He and mckenna will be so happy to see each other in the afternoons too. Dont yiu feel much better now? Hooray for a great first day!

the mccollums... said... I got a little choked up on your last line "Mom I think you needed the Kissing Hand more than I did". Precious...ha ha.