Friday, August 5, 2011

Biker Boy!!!!

Does he look happy and proud or what??!!

His instructor (PopPop) waiting for him at the end of the driveway!

What is missing in this picture??? Oh that's wheels.

The cousins have been here visiting this week and Nathan accomplished something HUGE!!!

We are so proud of this no-training wheels...biker boy of ours!!!!

Okay, what on earth is wrong with me??? Who would have thought this cool dude on his bike could bring me to tears! Seriously people, he's one awesome kid!


Anonymous said...

Awesome, Nate!


Anonymous said...

Yayy, Nathan! What a good job you are doing riding your bike. It looks like fun. Glad you are having a great time at Auntie Judy's house.

Auntie Christine

Anonymous said...

Your dad must have been in his element! Way to go Nathan. And Pop Pop. Anna :)

Anonymous said...

Great job Nathan! You already bike
like a pro..loved the way you could turn around and go back to
PopPop! You should be really proud of yourself..I know I am