Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Well that was interesting....

Did you feel it??

If you live on the east coast I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

The 5.9 earthquake we all felt.

It was pretty surreal and "earthquake" was not the first thing that came to mind when I felt it.

I was in the basement of the hospital walking Will around while Ryan was getting his MRI.

The floor felt like it was rolling for at least 3o seconds (at first I thought I was dizzy...then I thought it must be the construction next door, then I got worried) and I looked at two nurses standing there and said "what is that?" One of them got nervous and headed out the exit door. I stood right by the door (just in case) and then she popped her head back in a minute later and said it was an earthquake.


Thankfully Ryan was NOT in the MRI tube when it happened (that would have been scary). He had just gotten the dye put in his shoulder and they were wheeling him down to the MRI scan room. He did great. No meds. He just toughed it out. It's definitely not his favorite thing to do, but he survived and hopefully he'll never have to do that again. Now we wait on the results. Thanks for praying for him :)


the mccollums... said...

Crazy...We felt it in Charlotte! There are a few aftershocks happening now...but we can't feel them here. I haven't felt an earthquake since my younger kid days in Japan. And to think that the whole east coast felt it is quite powerful...now let's prepare for that hurricane coming our way! WOW God!! Hope Ryan's MRI went well.

Katy said...

thankful that the timing of ryan's mri wasn't messed up with that earthquake! glad everyone is okay. my mom is too - was heading home to make sure no damage, but looks like all is well. david said he felt it at church! not me - we were in isolated bliss i suppose!

millicent said...

I thought about Ryan!! Glad he wasn't in the tube!

Anonymous said...

Yes, that was definitely a tad wild. I was in the hardware store, looking up at a bunch of spray cans and talking to Chris on the phone. I asked him why the store was shaking! :-D He was outside painting and didn't feel anything. Oh, and none of the spray cans fell on my head.

I'm glad Ryan's MRI went well.