Sunday, August 28, 2011

Meet the teacher!

Can you tell??? I forgot my camera. So these were taken with Ryan's camera phone. Sorry!
Meet the teacher night was a turning point for Christian. It's the first time he let himself get excited about school. In fact, on the way home he said "I feel like a whole new person. I have a new classroom, a new teacher, new friends, everything is new!" He got to practice riding the bus. And he made a new friend named Blake. So, so thankful he made a friend.
He did give me the evil eye at one point. He was sitting at his table silently with 3 other very nervous looking kids. So of course the former teacher in me popped out and I started talking to all the kids at his table, introducing Christian to them and asking them their names, etc. If he could have crawled under the table he would have. He was so embarassed, so I backed off and let them all silently sit there. I guess they'll eventually get to know each other :)
It was a good night.

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