Friday, August 26, 2011


Christian is not excited about kindergarten. He doesn't like new things and this is no exception. So in an effort to make kindergarten seem super cool, we paid a visit to his school. We hiked around the environmental center adjacent to his school and then headed to the playground.

I'm not sure if it helped him feel excited about kindergarten, but he sure did have a good time. I know he's going to love school, he just needs to get through the first day. We've decided to have a special celebration dinner the night of the first day of school. I've told Christian over and over that it's to celebrate how "great" his first day of school will be, so he will start planning on it being "great." He gets to pick the meal. He's picked "pizza that the man delivers in his car" and "birthday cake that's frozen with ice cream." So Papa John's and ice cream cake it is!!! And now he's looking forward to the first day :)

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Katy said...

Good job judy!!! I always let them pick what they want in their lunchbox too....even if its a nasty lunchable or something. Make it a day of lots of fun, special things!!!