Tuesday, August 23, 2011


If you're not busy around lunch time today, 12:30 EST, could you say a quick prayer for Ryan. He will be heading into the dreaded MRI tube. You know that one that squeezes your shoulders and is about an inch from your face! It's not a pleasant experience, even for a tough guy like Ryan. I'll be standing by as his ride home just in case they need to give him a little Valium :) I'm sure he'll be fine, but he could use an extra measure of peace!! This MRI is going to determine if Ryan needs shoulder surgery or not. He most likely needs it and I told him to get it done soon since thanks to Will we've already met all our medical deductibles for the year.


millicent said...

praying for him right now!!

Suzanne Chatterton said...

Just read the blog but I'll pray for the person reading the MRI! Oh how I wish they had not let him pitch wrong when he was little!

Katy said...

he totally should just do the surgery and not have to deal with it anymore!!!