Thursday, August 11, 2011

Special Guests!

We were honored to have some special visitors for dinner last week! Ryan's Uncle Rod and Aunt Sue came to visit all the way from Illinois! The kids were so excited to see them. McKenna was anticipating "Aunt Zoo's" visit for days. They came for dinner and it was such a sweet time of catching up and reminiscing. Our time together was entirely too short, but we were just so thankful that they came.

Aunt Sue brought each of the kids music CDs with their names in the songs! Oy...what a hit. McKenna has her entire CD memorized and now she's working on memorizing Christian's and Will's. Thanks, Uncle Rod and Aunt Sue for such a special gift.

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Suzanne Chatterton said...

Thanks for the nice post. We have been talking about how nice it was to visit in a small, quiet, relaxed setting!I do love the Chatterton gatherings but they are anything but quiet and relaxed! Look for us next year as well!