Monday, August 29, 2011

Christian's 1st Day of Kindergarten

The first words out of his mouth this morning were "I don't want to go." That was hard, but thankfully God gave me the exact words I needed at that moment to get him excited. By the time 7:30am rolled around he was ready and so stinkin' proud of that Mario lunch box!

He's the very first bus stop in the morning and the very last stop in the afternoon. He's on the bus for 2 hours a day. That's 10 hours a week. That's 40 hours a month. I don't love it. Seems like such a waste of time when it takes me 10 minutes to drive to school. I'm selfish, I would prefer to have that 40 hours with him. So we'll see if this is something we'll continue to do. The only plus is that his best friend is stop #2 and I know Christian will LOVE having time every day with his best buddy!

Okay, don't judge.....stalker mom here followed the bus. Ha!
Yeah, I followed it for an hour, all the way to school. I wanted to know the route and see how long it actually took.

Stalker Mom used her giant zoom lense to capture Christian getting off the bus and then he spotted me and gave me a smile and a wave! Love that boy! I'm sure he's having a great morning.

I haven't cried yet...the same cannot be said of McKenna. She had a meltdown for about an hour about how she had no one to play with because I am a "mom" and not fun and Will can't talk so he's not fun to play with either. Honestly, I hadn't given McKenna a thought. I didn't think much about how all of this would affect her. So at 9am I called our neighbor to come play and thankfully she arrived at 9:30 and they're playing now! whew...what a morning!

My goal for this afternoon is to make sure Christian feels encouraged, proud and loved. I'm hoping he'll be ready to talk, because I'm going to be ready to listen to all the details of his day. We're going to do a "Thumbs up/ Thumbs down" everyday, where he tells me the best thing about his day and then his least favorite thing about each day.
He's planned our special celebration dinner and McKenna, Will and I will be waiting at the bus stop with balloons this afternoon (I know this is the only year I'll probably be able to get away with that)!

Well, look at that...I blogged all of this and still haven't cried :)


Amy said...

I'm proud of you...and Christian too, of course. I prayed for him this morning...and for you:)

ginny said...

I'm also proud of you, Judy. I didn't do as well when I sent Amy off to kindergarten. I knew Chrish would be okay, but didn't think about McKenna either. I'm glad you were able to find a friend for her. What will you do tomorrow?

Katy said...

This will be an adjustment for mvkenna but it will be so good for her. She will get to do her girly things and get to enjoy your attention more. Christian looked so excited getting off the bus! Just pray about the bus thing. I reworked calebs naptime the first year so i cojld drive josiah. Niw he and jacib ride it home...but its only a five minute ride. He may end uo liking that down time to relax aftwr schiol. think about all the fun things you did as a teacher - now he gets to enjoy those things!

Suzanne Chatterton said...

31 years ago I followed the bus for one hour and 15 minutes to watch Amy get off at school! The kids always had a long bus ride. Alais started kindergarten more than a week ago. Amy won't let him ride the bus because of her experiences on the bus! Now she tells me! Obviously she, Zac, and Ty all survived! Welcome to the school world. Mc Kenna will be fine. It's an adjustment for all!

the mccollums... said...

SO glad you all had a good day! I am sure Christian did too...those kindergarten teachers sure know how to have fun the first day *wink wink*! And I totally LOVED your stalker mom photos...I will do that too one day. Can you believe with all the back to school talk I actually cried a few little tears thinking about sending my precious Maryn to school one day! AHHH...I hope Christian continues to have a 'thumbs up' kinda of week. Love you, friend. PS: What do you use to make those cool photos with the fonts in the middle? Love it.

Lisa said...

So exciting!