Tuesday, January 6, 2009

When wishing for snow...make snow cookies

Blue icing, snowflake sprinkles, some cookies that ended up resembling biscuits and a crew wishing for snow made for a fun afternoon. We're supposed to get some precipitation tonight but I think it's going to be sleet and freezing rain instead of snow. So since we were wishing for snow we decided to make snow cookies. Messy, cute, tasty and fun!


Anonymous said...

please tell Emma that I LOVE her jersey, and that if it is a #12..I have the same one.She is a girl after my own heart!!! ~Heather R

Sarah Joy said...

YUMMY! Love the blue icing!

Anonymous said...

Yummy looking cookies! I've
never seen the little snow
flake sprinkles!

Love that shirt,Emma! Glad
to see you're still a
Patriot's fan!

Love to all