Thursday, January 15, 2009

328 Treasured Pages

I love it! I love it! I love it! My blog book arrived yesterday and it totally exceeds my expectations! I downloaded my blog last August, so the blog book is from when I started in September 2007 to August 2008.
Look at this page. I wrote it on the day we found out McKenna was a girl! What sweet memories. As I read it, memories of that day came flooding back.

And then there was the day Nate drew all over the walls and was very sad about it. We were all very sad about it!

McKenna's entire birth, her entire first six months of life are in this book. There is a picture of her on almost every day of her life for six months. And to think that I was feeling guilty about not having a scrapbook for her! Did I mention that I LOVE IT!
The rest of this post will probably only be interesting to fellow bloggers.
So here is the deal! I used to download the book. I downloaded it last August and have been working on editing it on and off all this time. Sometime this fall blogger changed their format and is no longer compatible with blogger. That means you can no longer download your blog into blurb and get a great book. So my blog book abruptly stops at some random point in August. My intention was to finish out 2008 in this book and then start my new blog and have a new book of this blog. Well, that's not going to work now.
I have searched and searched for another company that does blog books. I read on a few different websites that you can go to and make a blog book, but I have yet to figure it out. PLEASE let me know if you figure it out or if you find another company that will make blog books. has said that they're working on it, but they don't make any promises. I would suggest heading on over to their website. Send them an email to let them know how much you want them to get this fixed!! The book was 328 pages and a hardcover copy was only $86. That is an incredible deal considering what it would have cost to do something like this on Shutterfly or Snapfish. So I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I'm so thankful I downloaded when I did! So keep blogging and hopefully they'll get this figured out!
If you checked my blog earlier you would have seen a picture of the cover of the book, but then I noticed that our last name was quite visible since that's the title of the book and that would defeat the purpose of having a new blog. So I removed the picture and you'll just have to come visit me to see what the cover looks like :)


Julie and Chris said...

It looks beautiful! I was really hoping to do the same thing. I am heading to the website now to encourage them to work this out!

the mccollums... said...

This looks fantastic!! I want to do one! I usually do a picture book (with some text) through but maybe I should do a blog book?? :) I remember my friend Meredith said that she did one the other day and the problems that she had with so on her post she found the answer. Here is the link she posted about. The link to her blog is on my blog list..under "the samsons".

the mccollums... said... is that link that I mentioned.

Heather said...

I'm so disappointed to hear that blogger and are not compatible! But I'm glad you get a beautiful book! I was planning on downloading my blog (now that I have a new computer that should be able to handle it!) this year and start working on disappointing!