Monday, January 26, 2009


Only a handful of you might be interested in all these details, but you know I have to record it for the book :) and because when God moves I think it's important to give him the glory he deserves. My mom needed to have surgery for 3 years. She's been putting this off because we were expecting it to be awful and we were prepared for a LONG recovery. So she retired this year and I wasn't having a baby and there wasn't any other drama going on, so she thought the timing was pretty good.
My mom has had several other surgeries. Most recently she has had two major foot surgeries and those have both been extremely difficult. The first foot surgery was the worst. The threw up for three days straight and was in tremendous pain. Her recovery lasted weeks longer than originally planned. Christian actually learned to walk that summer by pulling up on her wheelchair. Her second foot surgery was slightly better because we knew how her body reacted to anethesia and we knew that she couldn't stomach any kind of narcotic drugs. She was still violently ill after that surgery even with lots of anti-nausea drugs. Needless to say we didn't have great expectations for this surgery.
But with this surgery Mom's surgeon was incredible. He was supposed to accomplish six different things with this surgery. When he spoke with me after the surgery he explained that he only did five of the planned things because he didn't feel confident that he could do the sixth thing well because of some other issues. How many surgeons do you know who would admit to that? He was so humble, so refreshing! And quite frankly I don't think the sixth thing was needed because he accomplished the other five with such perfection!
When I headed back into the recovery room I was preparing for the worst. Gearing myself up for the inevitable hours of vomitting, but mom was sitting up chatting with the nurse rather alert about everything. She never did throw up and that is a direct answer to PRAYER! I absolutely consider that a miracle.
Mom spent Friday night in the hospital and I think her greatest discomfort was the fact that they wouldn't let her have any solid food. I snuck her a few crackers from the cafeteria to try to take the edge off!
On Saturday morning they asked her about her pain level and she consistently told them that she wasn't in pain at all. And when I talked to her today she sounded great, has more energy than I ever thought she would have. She's made dinner and has been up and walking around the house. And she's NOT even taking Tylenol! AMAZING!
I also have to tell you what a great hospital GBMC in Baltimore is! The nurses were great! I stayed with mom overnight because I think it's important for patients to have someone there to advocate for them when they're really ill, but it was unnecessary. Every one of mom's needs was immediately taken care of. I think that's the first time I can say that about any hospital! I'll never forget the time I was in the hospital overnight after surgery and my call button for my nurse didn't work. Thank goodness I wasn't there by myself.
So that's the scoop! Thanks for praying!
Psalms 34:8
"Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him."


Anonymous said...

Great news!!!!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that the DREADED surgery is over and so blessed with the results. Judy, you asked God for a miracle and,I believe that the wonderful, supportive prayers from the Body of Christ were heard and answered in a beautiful way on my behalf. We serve a great and mighty God and He alone is worthy of our praise.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your mom....we do serve a Great and Mighty God! I have seen so many prayers being answered lately with illness and surgery (and other things)...It's amazing that there are still those who don't believe.

I will have to email you the story of my elderly aunt and her two amazing surgeries...I know God heard our prayers!

Thanks for sharing.