Monday, January 5, 2009

They're Back

Can you believe that the last time Abby and Nate were at our house was December 22nd? I can't! They've had a busy holiday, but they were so excited to come to our house today and Christian and McKenna were equally excited to see them.
They've been having a grand time discovering all of Christian's new toys and so far Christian has been sharing like a perfect gentlemen. We'll see how long that lasts. It's only 10am!

They've already destroyed Christian's room. But that's okay, I'm just glad they're playing in there. They never used to play in there! Hooray for the bunk beds. BTW - Look at Nate's silly face in this picture. Funny boy!
And this is what I caught Abby doing. Standing on the top bunk practicing her letters. Tracing each one with her finger while the boys played wildly underneath her. I do believe she's starting to have a little passion for learning! Yippee!


the*4*of*us said...

Nate looks so grown up in those pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

Abby is really coming into her own with the learning business. We gave her a diary for Christmas and Amy and I spent time writing "Language Experience" stories with her. She can read back a lot of what she dictated and her stories are very sweet. Ask her to bring the diary to your house sometime and let her tell you a story.

Katy said...

i forgot to comment before on how cute all teh baseball words were - great idea!