Friday, January 16, 2009


So are you guys freezing too? I've gotta tell ya, if you want a great present for Valentine's Day ask your hubby for a heated mattress pad. And I guess it could be considered romantic in an unconventional sort of way. I napped McKenna in my bed today so she would be all warm and snuggly. We've had some fun snuggle times reading books and being silly in my bed these last few super cold days! Both Christian and McKenna join me in bed in the morning and I think Christian and I both love that time with McKenna. She whacks us in the face and climbs all over both of us and we giggle and kiss her! So fun! I love being a mommy!

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Daniel said...

SO, Daniel has had the flu the past, going on, 3 days. He asked me to go out and get a heating blanket for the bed. I went to Target and saw that the heating matress pad was on sale...I got the last one! :) It was so nice to get into a nice warm bed. :) Thanks for your plug on it...I might not have gotten it if I didn't read someone's reviews on it first!! :)