Sunday, January 4, 2009

And I thought Christmas was over - Silly Me!

On Friday morning a big brown truck pulled up in front of our house. It had the letters UPS on it and Christian knew exactly what that truck had in it - boxes with fun stuff in them. His excitement could hardly be contained as we brought the box in the house and he eagerly awaited to see if it was for him!

Oh boy, Oh boy! It's from Aunt Angel!
Much to Christian's dismay, the first thing we pulled out the box was this adorable little turtle for McKenna. It's been a hit, mainly because it plays music and McKenna LOVES music. Christian was happy for her and asked if she would please share it with him...that is until he noticed that there was in fact something else buried in the packing peanuts.

Forget sharing the turtle! This race track was definitely more his speed!

So Christian and I spent the next hour having races! He even called Aunt Angel to thank her which is huge. He hates to talk on the phone, he never even talks to his daddy when he travels. He can't wait until Abby and Nate come tomorrow to play race cars with him.

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Heidi said...

We got a very similar race track that's been a huge success at our house too! Our boys sure do have similar interests.