Thursday, January 1, 2009

The "Chatter Box"

Thanks to everyone for all the cute names they came up with for this new blog. What a hard decision! You guys are so creative! I actually had to call my sister and discuss it with her because I couldn't decide. At first I went with "Chatt Worthy News" then I changed my mind and started working on the "Chatter Box" because it's easy to find cute "box" backgrounds. Then Heather posted the "Chatt Room" idea and I was totally confused! So many cute ideas! So the name of the blog might change every so often. You know how I like to change my background all the time. I think "Chatter Bugs" would be really cute in the spring or summer. So for RIGHT NOW, I'm going with "Chatter Box" which means Sarah is the winner. (Who by the way, has the cutest name for her blog "Four men and a Mommy") I will say that Ryan is a little traumatized by the name. Apparently he was called a "chatter box" by some meanie kids in elementary school. I told him it was time to move on :) I think he likes the finished product!


Eddie Sargent said...

6:21am Judy... Seriously Judy, I thought I got up early on break... But I like the new Blog Judy, Happy New Year! ttyl

Anonymous said...

I love the new look!
I will continue to follow you and your precious family through your days!
I had forgotten that you were a teacher....I was too...4th grade! :)
Happy New Year!
Jen Weber

Anonymous said...

I am so upset that I didn't win! kidding! I like the new look- I have scrapbook paper that looks like the background!


The Chatt Pack said...

This is awesome having the same last name...look at all the cute ideas I can steal from you!!!! Happy New Year!

Amy said...

Love the new blog and the new look!! And I completely agree with your reasons for starting over! In fact, although I don't need to be as drastic because I don't have quite the reader following that you do, I'm going to re-name mine simply to get my last name off of there. Let me know if you have any ideas!!

Katy said...

i LOVE it - love the name and the boxes! way to go sarah!