Monday, January 19, 2009

We LOVE our big COUSINS!

You're probably wondering why you are priviledged enough to get to see the inside of my dishwasher filled with dirty dishes. Well, that's because I'm not the one who loaded it! I've got to give a shout out to my favorite BIG 5 year old ABBY! Today we were wrapping up lunch and I asked her to clear the table while I laid McKenna down for her nap. Not only did Abby clear the table, but she rinsed the dishes and she loaded the dishwasher. This was absolutely shocking to me. I've had her do this with me before, but never has she done something this grand on her own! She's growing up so fast. We were doing some writing today and she would ask me how to spell a word and I would spell it and she would write it. She never said, "How do you write that letter?" She just knew it! My word, has she come a long way.
And then there's Nate. It took forever to get rid of his binkie and potty training is going at about the same rate, but we will get there! He doesn't even think about that binkie anymore. Nate had to get a bath today after a little potty training incident on my couch (don't even get me started) and Nate HATES getting water in his face or on his head. He usually cries and carries on and I didn't feel like dealing with that today, so I told him to do it himself. I handed him the sprayer and said 'get your hair wet' AND HE DID! This post is mainly for the benefit of Nate's mom, dad, and grandmom who might have just fallen off their chairs reading this. He sprayed his head, his face including his eyes, his belly, etc. I think he just needed to be in control.

And in case you need a visual to see just how far we've come these snow pictures were taken on this date last year (January 19, 2008). I was oh so pregnant and Amy came home from work and took the kids out to play. And there is our dear little Nathan playing in the snow WITH HIS BINKIE - we've come a long way!
Cutie pie Abby a year ago!

And here's Emma. Look at how young her face looks. Believe it or not, Abby is wearing that coat this year!


Heidi said...

Although my kids are growing up so fast, I love some of the independence we are gaining from it!! Way to go Abby for helping Aunt Judy! That was so kind of you.

Aggiema (Michelle) said...

You have a great bunch of kids there. I can't help but think of the scripture "train up a child in the way that is right and when he is old he will not depart from it." You and Amy are doing a great job with these kids.

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you Abby Girl! You are a big helper. Nate, I can't wait to give you a shower now that you can do it "all by yourself"!
Love, Grandmom

Jenn said...

abby, you are AMAZING! such a great helper. how grown up you have become ;)
and nate, you are getting so big and brave spraying water on your head and face. keep up the great work potty training