Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Oh Emma!

Emma was checking out the blog today and was very disappointed that I didn't mention two things in that post about the snowflake cookies. In her own words:
1. "I love, love, love the Patriots." (So sad how she's being brainwashed at such a young age ;)
2. "My hair is in "braids" because my shirt says 'Brady.' Get it? Braids for Brady?"
Okay, back to me. This is too cute not to share, but you have to promise not to EVER mention it to Emma. She'll NEVER forgive me for this!
Emma came home from school yesterday all excited because a boy in her class told her that she sounds like Taylor Swift when she sings. I think she's in LOVE now!


Anonymous said...

Brainwashed??? She is not brainwashed because she loves the best team in the NFL. And the best QB to boot;). I am with ya Emma!~Heather

Sarah Joy said...

Not so sure about the best team in the NFL, Heather but brainwashed, yes... Judy brainewashing is happening younger and younger. Riley was crying because he HATES the EAGLES and they won the other night! Hello-- it is football, a GAME! (Heather you know I am joking right?)The Braids for Brady comment is about the best thing I have heard lately! You seriously need to take her picture and have her write a letter to him or you do it for her as a surprise and see if you get a response. How could you not respond to that?! She is just precious!

The Marklund's said...

Emma knows which team is the best. Good for her! :)

I can't believe it! Emma already talking about BOYS! What's happening to little Emma! :( Ya'll better watch out though, she's gorgeous and she's just gonna keep growing into a gorgeous young lady. Get ready! :)

Eddie Sargent said...

I agree with heather, and Ali., and I agree with sarah about football... hello... its just a game!

Anonymous said...

Isn't Taylor Swift a guy? Emma sounds better than him!

Jenn said...

young love, how cute! and she definitely knows what team is best!!!

Anonymous said...

Emma's not brainwashed..she's just
really smart! Go Pat's!
Eddie,got to disagree.. it's not "just a game"!

Grandmom..I think Taylor Swift
is a girl..but you're right,
Emma does sing better than her.
I love Braids/Brady..what a girl!!