Monday, January 5, 2009

Bunk Bed Boy

Ever since Christian's cousins moved to town Christian has had two twin beds in his room. The extra bed gets used several times a week for nap time and it comes in handy whenever we have an extra little body spend the night at our house. The problem has been that Christian's room is 10X10 which means, two twin beds fit in there and nothing else. No toys! So for the past year Christian's room has been a sleeping room and it hasn't been used for anything else. Well, that has all changed and I'm loving it!
Christian is thrilled to have bunk beds. We're borrowing them from our cousins because they got a very cool new bed (see above)and their old bunk beds were just sitting in the basement!

Christian is delighted to have his train table back in his room. It used to be in there and there were some mornings when he used to completely skip breakfast and stay in his room playing trains until lunch time! I'm glad he can play in his room again and I'm also excited that the train table will no longer serve as our coffee table in the family room. And I just had to show you this (above)! This is the picture collage that is hanging on Christian's wall. I made it on Shutterfly, my most favorite website. It has a picture of everyone in our immediate family (accept for McKenna and cousin Zavier - they weren't born yet when I made it). I love it that he knows exactly who Aunt Lindsey is, even though we only see her once or twice a year! It's a great way to help him know our family even though we're spread across the country!

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Katy said...

welcome to the world of bunk beds - my boys LOVE them...and i mean LOVe them! We found them through an ad in the paper for $50 - it was the best find ever. I love the red bedspreads too - so cute!