Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Can you see it?

Look carefully! McKenna started working on tooth #3 on December 23rd and it's been a long and painful process for both of us.
It's on the bottom left in this picture. We have had MANY sleepless nights and LOTS of fussing and crying over this tooth. Fevers and doctor visits can also be attributed to this tooth. And we're only on tooth #3.
Christian did not have teething issues like this. So any teething advice any of you have would be greatly appreciated. Let's just hope not all of her teeth cause these issues!
I love these pictures because McKenna is actually smiling at herself in all of them. I turned the LCD screen on my camera around so she could see herself and she got quite a kick out of that. She loves to see herself in the mirror or in the glass on the sliding glass door by her high chair.


Lauren Kirkland said...

Kaylee also had teething issues..she is working on number 7 & 8..the only thing that really worked for her was the teething can get them at walmart in the baby section. Good luck!!

the*4*of*us said...

poor baby...and poor you! I loved Hyland's teething tablets. I'm pretty sure wal-mart carries them now. Those were wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Oh poor McKenna...and you! Cait had terrible times when she was teething (so many years ago). She would get extremely high fevers (103 to 105.2). It was the only time she was ever really sick...she even got they way when she cut her 12year old molars!!!

I sure wish they had those tablets when she was younger. Let me know if they work...and of course, I'll keep praying!


Heather said...

Poor thing! The only think I know of that works is tylenol. Liam still has only 2 teeth with none on the horizon.....

Katy said...

my sister's kids had a rough time. she would put wet washcloths in the fridge, and then let them chew on it. or frozen waffles - straight from the freezer. both worked great for her kids. poor baby.