Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Welcome to our new family blog! Some of you have been around for awhile and some of you are just joining us! So let me introduce myself; I'm Judy! Mom to Christian (3) and McKenna (10 months). I've been married to Ryan for almost six years and I'm blessed to be a stay-at-home mom. My sister lives one street over with her three children; Emma (7.5), Abby(5) and Nate(3). Emma gets off the bus at my house everyday, so we spend lots of time together. Abby and Nate split their time between daycare/preschool and my house, although I always get to see their precious faces whenever they're sick :) So those three cousins are often included in our family blogspot!
I used to be a school teacher before becoming a mom. I taught third grade and fifth grade. I do occasionally miss the classroom, but know I'll go back to teaching one day. I love to read, but don't have much time for it. I am currently reading The Christmas Train, but I'm not too impressed so far. I am very excited to start a new study of the biblical character of David in 2009. I'm sure you'll be hearing more about that. I don't like coffee or tea, but Diet Coke is a must have for me! I got a new camera for Christmas and have already taken hundreds of pictures with it! I used to be an avid scrapbooker, but now I just blog and make photobooks online. It's much easier! I don't watch much TV, but if I do it's probably the news or something on HGTV. These days I mainly watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Little Bear, Franklin or Max and Ruby. I actually like to clean and I find myself cleaning ALL THE TIME, but I would be embarrassed to have you walk in my house right now! Thanks to my three year old and a baby on the move nothing ever stays in it's place!
This blog started out as a way to keep our friends and family in touch with our lives, but somewhere along the way my motivation for it changed and I found myself writing more for my kids. The main purpose of this blog is to testify to the goodness of the Lord in our lives. I'm going to have this blog printed into a book and one day when my kids read it I want them to not only be entertained by all the stories of their early years, but I want them to see how much they've been loved. I want them to read about my failures and successes and how God blessed us along the way. I want them to know their mom as an imperfect vessel that God used to mold and shape their lives. I want them to know how much their daddy and I love Jesus and how we did our best to be obedient to His word.
So enough about me! Leave a comment and introduce yourself if you like. Or tell me something about you I just might not already know! Or you can leave a comment and tell everyone else how it is that you know me or found me here in this blog world!


the*4*of*us said...

cute new layout!!! What study on David are you doing???
Did our blog not make the cut for your new one? :(

pam said...

Nice to meet you. I found you from being the first commenter on Bring the Rain. (That is quite the accomplishment in it's self)

You have a beautiful family and extended family as well! Looking forward to getting to know you. Happy New Year.

Sarah Joy said...

Love it Judy!!! And you found boxes for the background!!! So cute!!!!My square friends would love it:)

Heidi said...

Love the new look! You've got me thinking about getting our last name out of our blog address also.

Lauren Kirkland said...

Hi Judy..I did comment one time before on your old blog and I think you commented on mine once also. I just thought I would leave a comment so that you would know i am still following your blog. I love reading about your family and all your adventures. I found your blog through Jamie McCollum who I used to go to church with in Florida. Talk to you soon!!

Katy said...

so i'm finally getting all caught up on blogs. LOVE your new header and the new look - it's great! I can't wait to hear what you guys have been up to!