Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The first Christmas present & the first REAL snow - all in one day!

(Christian was so excited to give Abby her present that he never even asked if he could have one! Amazing! I thought for sure he would ask!)
Abby got to be the first one in our family to open a Christmas present today. This was out of necessity. We were unprepared in the clothing department for snow today. Christian has two pairs of snow pants, so Abby just borrowed a pair, but he did NOT have two pairs of boots.
These are the adorable Lands End rain boots that I got Abby for her birthday and forgot to give her. That's what happens when you shop early, you totally forget what you buy and end up buying something else.

Abby loves them because they're so girly. She already told me McKenna could have them when she outgrows them, and I will take her up on that offer. Not to worry, we put multiple layers of socks on her feet so they wouldn't get cold in just rain boots.

No wonder everyone thinks she's McKenna's sister and Christian's brother. There is some definite resemblance here.

Examining their footprints.

My sweet snow angels. Not really enough snow to do much with!

There goes Abby the daredevil. As soon as I told them to be careful on the slide because it would be really fast and slippery, Abby started running for it, wanting to be the first to go down. Christian was busy standing at the bottom telling her to "be careful up there."


Anonymous said...

It looks like they were having a wonderful time in the snow. I hope we have some snow over the Christmas holidays. I would love for the children to get to sled down our hill.

Jenn said...

i still want snow... well, i don't know if i want it on top of all the disaster we already have from the ice storm! i love snow :)

thanks for the picture and christmas greeting... thanks :)

heatherlm said...

Love the boots Abby! Judy,I too have shopped early and forgotten to give things. I'm not a big fan of the snow but it just doesn't seem like Christmas without it.~Love, Heather

the mccollums... said...

i love it...Abby is beautiful especially with her rosy cheeks! Her and Christian really do resemble each other. :) They had so much fun...i wish they made rain boots in that print for adults! :)

Katy said...

i'm so jealous!! when i see your snow pictures, i'm always ready to move up to PA!! Abby's boots are ADORABLE - they are so cute!