Thursday, December 11, 2008

December 10th

I had been looking forward to December 10th for weeks! A friend of mine had offered to watch my kids for a day just so I could have A DAY. All of you moms know what a treasure this is! Being able to go to a store and actually be able to think about what you're buying. Not having to mess with carseat buckles or have to hold any hands. I was thrilled at the thought of walking into a store and not having anyone ask me for anything! So I was really, really looking forward to December 10th!

And I had a very productive day. I had my first eye exam in five years. Coming soon - Me with glasses thanks to astigmatism on my left eye. Yuck, I hate glasses. I hate glasses even more when babies are involved who like to touch and pull on glasses. I'll probably just wear them for driving for now. In a matter of 5 hours I went to Walmart, Sams Club, Kohls, Toys R Us, Ollie's and JcPenney! Not bad! I was a woman on a mission!

I was feeling great about my morning driving home on a major highway in the left hand lane going about 65mph in my 2007 Expedition. I was about 12 miles from home and all the sudden the accelerator felt strange. The car lost all power. I stepped on the accelerator and nothing happened. Very scary. I managed to cut over in front of a big rig and make it to the right hand shoulder. At this point in the road there wasn't much of a shoulder and there was just a huge ditch to my right. As I sat there the car totally died. Ugh! I called Ryan and called AAA. Thankfully the AAA tow truck was there in about 20min. I had my first ride in a tow truck (interesting). And the tow to the nearest Ford dealership only cost $12! I'm lovin' AAA and not so happy with Ford. The whole point of having a newer car is so these things won't happen. We got this SUV after I was hit head on. I wanted a big car with every air bag that could possibly be made! We have no idea what is wrong with the car. It's causing major headaches around here. The kids and I had to take Ryan to work this morning and we have to pick him up tonight. And we can't fit all the Marshalls in the car safely either. I guess Em could sit in the front seat, but technically it's not legal until she's eight.
BUT, despite all the stress and headaches this has caused I am so THANKFUL that it played out the way it did. THANK God I didn't have any children in the car! I felt like a sitting duck on the side of the road with cars barrelling past me at 80mph. THANK God Ryan wasn't traveling! THANK God I was able to get home in time for my friend to leave to get her own kids off the bus! So many little details that fell into place that could have just been a disaster!


heatherlm said...

Judy, I know this must have been scarey but I can't help but chuckle. You actually took a picture of the tow truck getting your vehicle on the ramp? In times of crisis, whip out the camera! Too funny. Hope all is well.~Love, Heather

Sarah Joy said...

I am laughing too... that you took the picture because I so would have done the same thing. My camera keeps me from being the one with Road Rage!More importantly, I am so glad that you are okay becasue as I read that you lost power when you went to accelerate, my heart sank and I almost had to stop reading to get my breath.... accidents and me are not a good mix!I thank the Lord for your safe yet crazy journey home!

the mccollums... said..., I know that feeling all too well. I'm so glad that the children weren't in the car...that would have been very scary. Car issues are just never fun. Thank God for his blessings and protection.

Luis and Christy said...

Man that ended well considering. AAA really is the best -- every year about renewal time I think I'm going to let it go and without fail just before it expires I lock myself out or need it for something. I'm glad you have it and that you were safe -- those kids need you in one piece :)

Amy said...

It's never it

Katy said...

Oh my goodness Judy - that is scary! I'm so glad that you didn't have the kids with you. But what a bummer that your ALONE day had to deal with that in it! I'll tell you that we are big HONDA fans - and will probably only ever buy hondas because of things like that!!!!