Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Mean Guy"

On Sunday when we were coming home from church we were witness to a "road rage" incident. It was pretty bad. There was one erratic driver who was probably high and was running people off the roads. He encountered one concerned citizen who decided to confront him at a traffic light. A yelling match involving the most hateful, venomous language I have ever heard took place right in front of our car. Thankfully Mr. Concerned Citizen decided to run back to his car while Mr. Road Rage charged at him. And thankfully my husband who had already put the car in park did not exit the car when I asked him to please stay put! All the while a wide-eyed three year old was observing it all.
This is the first real "mean guy" Christian has ever seen. The first real display of evil he's ever been witness to. So we ended up spending most of Sunday talking about the "mean guy."

"Mommy why didn't you spank that mean guy?"

"Maybe Jesus will spank that mean guy!"

"Does that mean guy go to our church?"
"Do we know that mean guy?"

"Are we going to buy that mean guy a Christmas present?"
"I don't like that mean guy or his red car."

"Does that mean guy have a house?"

"Where is that mean guy's house? I don't want to go there."

And so on and so on....

Eleven o'clock at night Christian even popped into our room worrying about that mean guy!


The "mean guy" even popped into our conversation over lunch on Monday with Abby and Nate. Here's how the conversation went:

C:"I saw a mean guy yesterday."

A: "Mean guys aren't real!"

C:"Oh, yes they are! I saw one for real, in real life. In a coat!"

A: "Really? What do mean guys do?"

Nate is sitting and listening to all of this.

C: "Mean guys yell mean stuff. And try and hit people. And scare people and make them run. And they do this (waving his arms around in the air).
A: "You saw a mean guy do that?"
C: "I saw him and he drove his car really fast. He's gone now."
N: "Maybe Jesus need help that mean guy be happy."
Me: "You're right Nate we need to pray that Jesus will help him to not be mean anymore."
And I'm totally not making this up! Nate folded his hands, bowed his head and prayed for that mean guy. I couldn't understand exactly what he said. If you've ever heard Nate pray you know that it's quick and mumbled, but I know God heard every word.
And thankfully, the mean guy hasn't been brought up again!


Heidi said...

Wow! What an experience! It is always so precious to hear little ones talking about Jesus. It's so encouraging to realize that they really do listen to what we teach them! Keep up the great work with those kiddos!! Great is your reward in heaven!

heatherlm said...

I had a recent road rage experience myself. I was about third in line at a stop light, a car came barreling out of nowhere on the left, slammed on her brakes when she pulled up next to a guy in a tow truck, got out of her car (she looked about 20 something), punched the guys truck repeatedly, and then spit in his face twice. How lady-like.

the*4*of*us said...

isn't it funny how they fixate on something for so long? That was sweet of Nate to pray for him!

Amy said...

Priceless and precious! I love the way you captured their conversation too!

Brennan Blog said...

Scary! I had a "girl in the yellow Jeep" (as Paul and I lovingly refer to her as) SPIT at our car one day. Apparently, we didn't drive fast enough for her so she hocked one at us! Good times! Road Ragers are scary and mean. I am glad you all were able to escape without too much harm....

Katy said...

wow. sometimes these situations stress us out and it all boils down to some simple things that a child can explain. that mean guy needs jesus!!! It's ridiculous how a grown person can act like that - over some driving situation. scary.