Sunday, December 7, 2008

Another Tradition

This is a new tradition for us this year. My mom bought us this book entitled The Usborne Advent Nativity Book. We do this every night during our family time when we also do our Jesse Tree. The book comes with 24 nativity pieces that you pop out of the book and you add one piece to the nativity every day. Another fun way to count down to Christmas. Another way to keep our focus on Jesus and not presents!
I just have to share this story because I want to remember this forever. This morning during Sunday School Christian's class was talking about Christmas and the teacher asked each of the kids what their family did for Christmas. When it was Christian's turn he said "snuggle." He was talking about our family time and how we snuggle on the couch every night and talk about our Jesse Tree, add to our nativity scene, sing songs and cut the advent chain. So sweet that our snuggle time is becoming an important part of what Christmas is for him!


Aggiema (Michelle) said...

How sweet! I hope that Christian will always remember snuggling at Christmas time!

Eddie S. said...

I love all the pictures Judy, hey btw,

I am hoping you will go and fix Amy’s blog, you can’t read it. Thanks and I am thinking about visiting sometime not this week, but maybe next week, Thursday and Friday. ttyl

Katy said...

You see - he is getting it! That's awesome! we have a nativity poster for our advent calendar. Mom bought it years ago for us. Every day, the kids put up a picture of some part of the nativity scene until the whole scene is complete. I love it!