Friday, December 12, 2008

Little Miss 10 Months Old

McKenna turned 10 months old the other day! (Please ignore the squash stained shirt in this picture)!! She is really starting to develop her own little personality. Last night, Amy and I and all the kids were practicing singing some carols for our upcoming Christmas carolling night (this is something we've never done before, but will definitely be a blog worthy event). All six of us were singing Jingle Bells and McKenna was sitting there staring at us wondering what was going on. Apparently she wanted to join in because the next thing we knew she was singing "daaadaaa, laalaa" at the top of her lungs all while clapping her hands. Oh my word, so cute!
She can roll all over the place and loves to take the books off bookshelves. She now weighs 20lbs 14oz and is wearing size 12-18month clothes. She says; Dad, Dada, Mum, Bubu(bottle) and a variety of other sounds. Her favorite thing to do is stand and she's getting pretty good at taking steps when you hold her hands. Most of the time she stays pretty still and likes to just sit on the floor and have everyone else wait on her. Christian, Abby, Nate and Emma are pretty good at giving McKenna whatever she wants, so she doesn't have much motivation to move.
A close up of McKenna's slippers! Love them!
McKenna's daddy seems to still get the biggest smiles. Christian gets the most laughs and I get all the snuggles! What a JOY our sweet McKenna Grace is!


the*4*of*us said...

she is too cute!!! It makes me sad to be reminded how fast our little one is going to grow.

Aggiema (Michelle) said...

oh you make me want another baby so bad! She is super cute!

Anonymous said...

She is such a doll baby girl! It sounds like she is pretty busy these days. Can't wait to see all of you over Christmas.

Katy said...

I feel like we were just hearing that she was born...and that everyone had the flu...and that you had pink eye.....where does the time go!