Saturday, December 20, 2008

Jesse Tree

Click on the Christmas tree picture on the right hand side of the blog to find out what a Jesse Tree is if you have no idea what I'm talking about in this post!
Alright ladies, here is the plan. I have assigned each person who expressed interest in this project an ornament to make. I wanted to get this out before Christmas so you can hit up all the after Christmas sales. I just saw boxes of six ornaments for a dollar the other day, so hurry up and shop and this shouldn't cost that much!!! You can start working on your ornaments anytime! The due date for getting your ornaments to me is February 28th 2008. That's the last day in February. I hope that gives everyone plenty of time. You can mail or give your ornaments to me anytime over the next two months. If you can, just get them done. Or if you just had a baby, take your time :) You will notice that we still need a few more people, but I'm not worried about it. If you want to double up and take another ornament just let me know (that means you'll get two Jesse Tree kits which will make a nice gift for someone). Send me an email ( by the end of December if you feel like you can't participate for any reason.

1. Light of creation - a globe or picture of the earth - Katy S.

2. The first sin - an apple and a snake wrapped around it - Heidi S.
3. Inside the ark - an ark with a rainbow - Wendy B.

4. The call to Abram - a camel and a tent - Millicent F.

5. Isaac and the Lamb - a lamb - Nikki D.

6. Jacob's ladder - a ladder - Holly C.

7. Joseph's coat of many colors - a colorful coat - Amy M.

8. Moses & the Ten commandments - a tablet with 10 numbers -Sarah S.
9. Canann, the Promised Land of Blessings - a cluster of grapes - Kristin F.

10. Ruth and Boaz - a sheaf of wheat - Diana B.

11. King David - a slingshot - Amy C.

12. Josiah Finds the Law - a scroll or Bible -Laurie B

13. Prophecy of Shoot from the Stump of Jesse - a stump with a green leaf - Judy C.

14. Prophecy of the Lion and the lamb resting together - a lion and a lamb - Jenn F.

15. Prophecy of the Prince of Peace - a dove and a crown - Jackie

16. Prophecy of a Gentle Shepherd - a lamb and a shepherd's staff - Heather R.

17. Prophecy of the Suffering Servant - a cross - Amy M.

18. Prophecy of the New Covenant - a heart with writing on it - Becki S.
(I must have lost this one Becki! Sorry, no picture!)

19. Prophey of Bethlehem - Bethlehem town silhouette with start - Candi L.

20. The Exile - a fiery furnace

21. The Return to the Land - a brick wall

22. The Star - a star - Judy C.

23. The Light of the World - a candle or light Jenn F.
24. Angels Proclaiming - an angel - Heather W.

25. The Birth of Jesus - Nativity scene or baby in a manger
Please remember that the pictures are just suggestions! You can do anything you want. You could just get a plain ornament and a sharpie or paint pen and draw a picture of your symbol on it. You could find a sticker with a lion and a lamb on it and stick it on a ball. Don't make it complicated! I would also suggest googling "Jesse tree, ornament" or "ornament ideas, Jesse Tree" and see what you can come up with. There are lots of ideas floating around out there! And remember we still need someone to sign up for 20, 21 & 25!! I don't have to know you for you to participate in this. Just sign up!!
If your name has been assigned to an ornament, will you please leave a comment or send me an email to let me know that you saw this post and you know what to do! Thanks!!


Jenn said...

hi judy! sign me up for the light of the world number 23 as well. steph (jeff's gal) may jump on board but and she'll take it. if not, i'll do both and give her the other set :) thanks for setting this all up. i can't wait...
(ps, i thought you were suppose to give me an easy one!!)

Heather said...

I've got mine Judy, thank you! Good thinking on the after Christmas sale!
Heather W.

Anonymous said...

I got it judy!! :) Heather R

Sarah Joy said...

can you email me the picture of mine?

Sarah Joy said...

got it--- if you don't get someone for the brick wall I will cover it but only if you don't get sonmeone... not knowing how I will fell I have to pace my self:)

Jenn said...

hey judy, stephanie j wants to do the brick wall (promised land). thanks a bunch!!! just facebook me anything she needs to know :)

Holly Cieri said...

Hi Judy,

Jacob's Ladder - I think I can handle that! Thanks so much! I can't wait to get all of my ornaments and start a new tradition next year! Holly C.

Anonymous said...

Got it!