Saturday, December 13, 2008

Jesse Tree Update

I just wanted to let you know that right now I have 13 people who are interested in participating in a cyber Jesse Tree party. Click here if you have no idea what I'm talking about. 13 is good, but it's not 25. So right now we don't have enough people to pull it off. Let me know if you know of anyone else who wants to participate. This is the last chance to leave a comment to sign up.


Anonymous said...

I want to participate...tell me all about it.

the*4*of*us said...

hmmmm...i'm sure I could find someone else!
Or if some of us doubled up?

Heather said...

I asked a couple friends, but haven't heard back from them yet....I'll follow up with them.

Jenn said...

i'll ask around as well and get back to you as soon as i can :)

Katy said...

would love to - this is for next year, right?