Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas is Coming!!!!

It's getting closer!!

Yes that's McKenna in boy pjs! Blue is just as comfy and warm as pink, so why buy pink when you've already got blue! She doesn't seem to care, so I don't either!

The Jesse Tree is getting full (you can't see all the ornaments because most of them are on the right side of the tree by Christian's head). I did NOT rearrange all the ornaments on this tree :)

We went to Daddy's work today for a Christmas party and when we were getting ready to leave Christian said; "Daddy when you get home it's family time." He loves our family time that we've had around the Jesse Tree this Christmas! This picture was from last night!


Anonymous said...

You are going to have to find a way to continue your "Family Time", since Christian loves it so much. Let's hope he always feels that way about his family. What a blessing!

Heather said...

I'm glad Christian is enjoying family time! And yay for hand me down pajamas!