Friday, December 19, 2008


I know you're all waited with baited breath for an update on Ryan (okay, so that might be a slight exaggeration), but here's the scoop. Ryan has some damage to his sciatic nerve. Unfortunately, as most of you know, that's a pretty major nerve. So the plan of action is quite extensive, some of it's rather discouraging and a little unnerving (no pun intended) to me, but I'm glad this is being taken very seriously.

They gave Ryan ANOTHER prescription for percocet. I'm not too happy about that, but I'm also not the one trying to deal with ongoing pain, so that's just where Ryan is right now and we'll deal with the effects of that later. Ryan is also going to see a neurologist and start some physical therapy. And he has been prescribed some kind of nerve medication. I didn't even know they had nerve medication. I'm going to have to do a little research on this because apparently it's something to be taken rather seriously. Ryan has to work up to the full dose and then slowly wean himself off of it once he's better. He will start taking the medication at night because it's supposed to make you extremely tired. So he'll take a small dose tonight and then start increasing his dosage every day until he's up to the prescribed amount. We're hoping that he'll be in perfect health by the end of January!

So you're probably thinking that Ryan regrets being a bone marrow donor. After all he's been in serious pain for six weeks, he's missed work, he hasn't been able to work out (which is one of his greatest frustrations) and all of this has made him rather grouchy. BUT Ryan is a giver. I'm serious, that's the way the Lord has wired him. He is always quick to give (time, money, whatever) and I'm the one he has to drag along with him. Ryan told me last night that if he never works out again he would still do it all over again. And I quote..."After all being fat is better than having someone die." Well, yes I guess it is! I love this man! What an example he is for me.

Emma brought home a flyer a few weeks ago about signing up to donate blood. Amy couldn't do it because of her earlier medical issues this fall. Ryan obviously can't do it because his body is still working to build back up his blood supply. So that left me. I had to think about it for three days before I finally signed the card to say I would do it. I hate needles. I really hate giving blood, but then I look at what Ryan has done and it really seems like the least I can do for someone else. Particularly during this holiday season. And Emma only got a Red Cross backpack if she got someone to sign up and of course every second grader is apparently dying to have a Red Cross backpack. And so, I am now dreading 6pm on December 30th. I'm such a wimp.

And now for the most important part -Just keep praying for the patient!! Pray, pray, pray that this works!! That all of this results in a life saved. At this point she probably has a really good idea as to whether or not the transplant is working (we haven't heard anything yet and we don't plan on it for another month). I'm praying that this is a season of great JOY for her family and that they are anticipating many Christmas' ahead instead worrying that this could be her last.


Sarah Joy said...

Glad to hear they can do something to help him... sorry it will take such work and a bit of time but will pray. Ryan is amazing!

Heidi said...

Will be praying that the treatment plan works for Ryan and let he can be pain-free again!