Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Illinois Favorites

Each of us left Illinois with a different favorite memory!

Ryan probably had the most fun riding the go-kart with Christian. The two of them flew around the farm, at speeds that made this mommy very nervous, for hours.

Christian loved this too of course and he sobbed when Grampy put the go-kart away! My two boys had such a great time with that go-kart!

Christian was really anticipating a pony ride the entire way to Illinois, but then he was a little nervous once he actually saw the pony. Ryan's Uncle Bob has a little farm of his own and he has several horses. This pony named Beauty is starting to become a Thanksgiving tradition for us. Christian originally didn't want to ride Beauty, but then he got to feed her and walk her around the barnyard and then he decided to have a little ride! He was delighted and quite proud of himself!

Christian's cousin Gracey has NO fear. She mounted Beauty right away.
And even did a few tricks!

My favorite thing about our trip to Illinois was getting to meet my precious nephew Zavier for the first time and getting to see McKenna interact with him. They were so cute together.

And this picture basically captured my favorite moment of our visit! That's Olivia giving McKenna a hug! You guys know all about Olivia, so I don't have to tell you how teary it makes me just to look in Olivia's beautiful brown eyes. My heart has pleaded with God so many times to heal this precious girl and it was such a delight to get to see her and love on her and watch her play and share her toys with McKenna. Olivia looks so good and is really doing well! Thank God my kids were healthy so we could get to be together!


Anonymous said...

Precious pictures! Precious Memories!

Amy said...

The one of Olivia and McKenna made me cry!!! It's totally my favorite! What a miracle working God we serve - the Olivia is not only out of the hospital, but sitting on the floor playing with her cousins! What a testimony!