Thursday, August 30, 2012

This week

Blogging time has just not been possible lately. We have been busy. And since I'm sure you are all sitting around refreshing your page just waiting for an update on our lives this week (insert sarcasm) I'm going to give you a quick bullet points update.

  • Christian is not a fan of first grade. The first two days were ROUGH, but things are looking up.
  • McKenna is playing soccer now which means I have two kids in sports. It's not too bad because they both practice on the same night.
  • I'm not allowed to write notes that use the word "love" or "miss you" or that have hearts on them and put them in Christian's lunch. In fact, if I have something important to tell him I should not even put my name on it because he already knows it's from me and it's just embarrassing to have a note from your mom in your lunch.  It's first grade for Pete's sake!!!
  • DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will was discharged from the plastic surgeon today only 3 weeks and 2 days after his accident! This deserves an entire post and I will make that one a priority. We still have some healing to's not over, but man oh man I am thankful.
  • Preschool is arriving just in the nick of time. McKenna will literally talk to me every single second of the day, thus making me realize that I'm actually thankful that Will isn't really talking yet. I need some quiet!!! Love her to pieces but I really don't want to discuss the pretend party she's planning every day or her Christmas list or all the girl names that she really likes or how she wants to rearrange her room again or........ you get the point.
  • My husband has a four day weekend!!! Love having him home!!!!
  • My in-laws are coming for the weekend. We haven't seen them since this time last year. We're all so excited to see them.


Katy said...

I HAVE been dying to hear how the first days of school went!!!! I hope Christian co.tiniest to acclimate - he will. It's always such a big transition to get back into the routine!!!! I'm hoping to work a bit more on today since David will be home - Hooray :)

Anonymous said...

I just love your stories! They are so sweet. What a wonderful life you have with your family. :)

Holly said...

I love this post! I hope that first grade gets better for Christian. Kate also had a rough first day ( she cried three times at school that day), but it seems to be improving as well! She loves notes in her lunch and gets mad when I forget. She even told me that she passed it around to show her friends. Maybe girls are different? Or maybe Kate just doesn't care much what people think! And I have a four year old who is also talking me ear off. Seriously...I laughed out loud when I read that part about McKenna. Ellie talks nonstop and she says "pretend you're a pony and you just went to a party and you wore your pink tutu. Now prentend that the fairy just flew in and wanted to ride the pony..." and on and on and on. I'm tired of pretending. And if we're not pretending, we're playing board games non stop. That girl just does not know how to play by herself. It might be a long year for us!

Anonymous said...

Love the update (no need to insert sarcasm)! I'm sure 1st grade will get much wouldn't be upset giving up a summer of fun to sit at a desk learning all day. Rob didn't like notes in his lunch box either. I think if he could have made it through school without letting his friends know he has parents who love him - he would have been much happier (haha). Too bad that more parents don't write those notes to their kiddos. Praising the Lord about Will's finger!!! Hopefully McKenna will grow out of the "talking all the time" phase. When Cait wants to tell us a story, we give her a word limit...even now!!!

Thanks for the updates...