Wednesday, August 8, 2012

She's 1

This picture is from August 3rd 2011. McKenna had just asked Jesus into her heart. We had been talking about Christian's "born-again birthday" that day and she had been begging me all day to let her ask Jesus into her heart. I felt like she was too young and didn't really have an understanding of what she was doing, so I kept putting her off. Towards the end of the day when she asked me AGAIN, we sat on the floor of the dining room and prayed and she asked Jesus to come into her heart. She was so excited.

I couldn't get past the fact that she was only 3 1/2. How can you make a life changing decision about being a follower of Jesus at that age?? But the whole time of prayer kept coming back to my mind over the next couple of weeks and I realized how sincere she was and I felt like the Lord impressed upon my heart that it's not really up to me to judge her salvation. In fact I felt like the Lord said to me "You don't understand everything either." Hmm....good point.

So last week we celebrated McKenna's very first "born-again" birthday. Our cousins were in town so I felt like it wasn't as "spiritual" as I wanted it to be. I wanted to have special time with her where we could talk about the decision she made and just point her heart to Jesus but I didn't get a chance to talk through some of the things I wanted to.   I will say that this is one of the greatest traditions we have for our kids. Celebrating their "born-again birthdays" each year always gives us the opportunity to celebrate Jesus and to have some amazing conversations about their own walk with the Lord.

 Will was adorable handing her a present.

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